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Faisalabad is the third most populated city of Pakistan. It was called Lyallpur until 1977 when its name was changed in honour of the late Saudi king, Shah Faisal-bin-Abdul Aziz. It is also the second largest city of Punjab. Founded in 1880 by the British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab Sir Charles James Lyall, the city was named in his honour.

Exploring Faisalabad can be a joy for those interested in its rich history. However, it is slightly
off the beaten path and not many people are aware of the historical gems this city holds. Here,
we’ll discuss how you can get to Faisalabad and what you can see there once you arrive.

Today, Faisalabad is a major industrial hub and its road, rail and air networks allow for easy commute. The city is also known as the “Manchester of Pakistan” in reference to its booming textile industry, which is quite similar to Manchester’s. Another title given to Faisalabad is “City of Textiles,” for similar reasons. 


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Faisalabad’s Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower is located within its city centre. The Clock Tower was
founded in 1903 by Sir Charles Riwaz who was the British Lieutenant Governor of Punjab. It is
an architectural marvel to behold. However, what’s unique about this site is not the clock
tower itself, but the fact that an aerial view of the area forms the Union Jack, which is the
British flag.


Gatwala is a wildlife and forest preservation park that was established between the years
1985-1992. It is located 15 to 20 kilometres away from Faisalabad on the FaisalabadSheikhupura Road. Today, this park is a major picnic spot for the locals with boating, camping
and other activities for families to enjoy. The park also has a wildlife breeding centre and lush
green forests to enjoy.


A tour of Faisalabad offers its share of shopping opportunities. Among these is D Ground,
which is the second most important commercial hub of the city. The semi-circle area of the D
is divided between a park and the office of Radio Pakistan, while the roads forming the D are
full of high-end shopping outlets and eateries. Tourists and locals alike can enjoy themselves


Named after the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Jinnah Garden is
actually the final resting place of Sir Charles James Lyall. It is one of the central parks of the
city and is also known to the locals as “Company Bagh.”


Qaisery Gate is located at the outer edge of Rail Bazaar. A straight walk through the bazaar
can lead you to the Clock Tower and the 7 adjacent markets. It was built in the late 1800s
during the British Rule and is well preserved to this date.


Built in front of the Qaisery Gate, Gumti Fountain is another structure that has withstood the
test of time from the early 1800s to date. While it has now become a busy intersection for
traffic, it was once a designated spot for town meetings. The fountain is still in working
condition today.


Faisalabad has a rich history attached to the name Lyallpur and there’s no better place to
witness it than visiting the Lyallpur Museum. As a heritage museum, it preserves the history
and culture associated with the area within its walls


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Shopping in Faisalabad will become an easy task if you know about Markets or Bazaars, and malls in Faisalabad. From our list you can find about all famous and cheapest spots for all your needs like boutiques to jewelry, shoes to gadgets, house-holds to grocery, and kids wear to toys . If you are worried in finding good shopping place then below is the list.

Famous Markets & Shopping Malls in Faisalabad

  • The Grand Atrium
  • Mall of Faisalabad
  • Misaq ul Mall
  • Do Burj
  • Sitara Mall
  • Mediacom Tradecity Plaza
  • Al Fatah Shopping Mall
  • China Family Shopping Mall
  • Regency Plaza
  • Ripple Plaza
  • The Boulevard Mall
  • Gateway Tower
  • Kohinoor one
  • Galaxy Mall
  • Paradise Atrium
  • City Mall


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