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Sukkur is a city of the Sindh area along the western bank of the Indus River. It is the third biggest city in Sindh and is the 12 most crowded city in Sindh Pakistan. The climate is extremely sweltering in summer, and in winter it ends up cold however endurable and even agreeable. That is the reason numerous traveler and guests more often than not visit the spot in the winter season. Significant attractions in the Sukkur city are referenced underneath which you should look at if you happen to visit it. Sukkur famous food and McDonald Sukkur is most famous.
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Rohri Arore

Arore is the antiquated capital of Sindh however now it’s in remains. There are one 1,300 years of age mosque built by the intruder Bin Qasim which is additionally viewed as the primary mosque in South Asia. The fortification of Arore is likewise 90% obliterated and just a couple of dividers are obvious. There is additionally a Hindu sanctuary in a cavern, where numerous individuals still go right up ’til today. Close-by Arore, there’s a hillock alone away from different slopes. It is an incredible spot for trekking and gives an astonishing perspective.

Sadh Belo

Sadhu Belo is an old Hindu Temple. It is arranged on an island inside waterway Indus and Hindu pioneers visit it consistently. The complicated works of art on the marble dividers of the sanctuaries show a perfect view of paradise and damnation nearby one another. The statues of Hindu Gods and Holy Hindu sacred texts are kept here. It’s a peaceful spot for contemplation which pulls in a ton of Hindu travelers, guests, and the sightseers.

The Tomb of Seven Sisters

Visited the graves of seven sisters broadly called “Satiyan JO Asthan” accepted by local people as honest seven sisters having overly normal powers’ The graves are on the left bank of relentless Indus waterway, simply close Lansdowne Bridge on Rohri side. Extremely conspicuous seven graves made of yellow stones have many-sided plans on the example of graves in Makli cemetery(World’s biggest Necropolis close Thatta Sindh). The spot is visited by man and ladies.

Masoom Shah Jo Minaro

Minaro means tower. It is hard to construct such a high pinnacle with just block stonework. It has roundabout stairs inside it and is improved with botanical work and verse of Mir Masoom Shah on primary doors. From the highest point of this pinnacle, one can see the entire Sukkur city. It was developed by Mir Masoom Shah, the legislative head of Sukkur during Mughal sovereign Akbar’s time.

Qadir Baksh jo Qubo

Qadir Bakhsh jo Qubo is arranged about 16 miles south of Rohri in Deh Akbarpur Jagir. It covers a territory of thirty-five sections of land and contains numerous antiquated graves.

Adam Shah Kalhoro Tomb

Shah Ji Takri (The Hill of Adam Shah) Sukkur is outstanding for the tomb of Mian Adam Shah Kalhoro. The tomb was worked by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, the leader of Sindh in 1768 AD.

Sukkur Barrage

It’s a significant long torrent, having 66 water control entryways which make it the longest blast in Sindh. It is an extremely wonderful structure. Sukkur Barrage is a Colonial Architecture gem. It is one of the real water system frameworks on the planet


Shopping in Sukkar will become an easy task if you know about Markets or Bazaars, and malls in Sukkar. From our list you can find about all famous and cheapest spots for all your needs like boutiques to jewelry, shoes to gadgets, house-holds to grocery, and kids wear to toys . If you are worried in finding good shopping place then below is the list.

Famous Markets & Shopping Malls in Sukkar

  • Pizza Town
  • Icon by Ghouri
  • Glamour Shopping Mall
  • Ideas By Gul Ahmed – Official Sukkur
  • Asif Super Store
  • Top Secret
  • Bin Moosa Super Mart
  • Ghouri Department Store
  • Bin Safeer Sukkur
  • ExpoStore
  • Bin Raees Departmental Store
  • Baboo Kiryana Store
  • Matrixx Mall


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